Legal notice

  1. Details of the service provider
  2. Purpose and scope of application
  3. UV Functions
  4. Responsibility of the Universitat de València
  5. Exclusion of liability
  6. Obligation of users
  7. Access to services with login
  8. Intellectual and industrial property
  9. Data protection
  10. Applicable laws
  11. Validity and changes


I. Details of the service provider

The Universitat de València is a public institution with its own legal personality and heritage, and with the rights recognised by the Constitution and the existing laws. This institution is the entity holder of the email address and its identification and location data are:


II. Purpose and scope of application

These terms and conditions are intended to define the conditions governing the edition and use of web pages and services located in the e-mail address and also regulate such use. Any user accessing the information and services offered in that domain is subject to this document. Furthermore, certain services may be affected by specific terms and conditions, accessible, where appropriate, in the corresponding portals. Such terms and conditions must be read and will be mandatory for users. In particular, the virtual branch and the contractor profile shall be governed by specific regulations and the Rules of the Virtual Branch of the Universitat de València (ACGUV 99/2010, modified by ACGUV 189/2010).


III. UV Functions

According to the Article 1 of the Organic Law 6/2001, of 21 December, of Universities, the Universitat de València performs the public service of higher education through research, teaching and study.
The functions of the UV are:

  1. Creation, development, transfer and criticism of science, technology and culture.
  2. Preparation for conducting professional activities, which require the application of scientific knowledge and methods, and for artistic creation.
  3. Dissemination, valuation and transfer of knowledge at the service of culture, quality of life, and economic development.
  4. Dissemination of knowledge and culture through university extension and training throughout life.

In the performance of its functions, the UV puts at the disposal of the university community, in particular, and users, in general, information and services available in the Internet domain, which are subject to the following purposes:


IV. Responsibility of the Universitat de València

The Universitat de València holds the ownership, management and administration of the information and the services offered through the e-mail address and it will monitor the compliance of the following principles:


V. Exclusion of liability

The Universitat de València is only responsible for the officialisation and truthfulness of the information and services offered directly through the domain
Moreover, the UV acts in good faith in the provision of information and services to users through its domain, so the university is not liable for:

In addition, only the information and services offered through the portal will be considered as virtual branch in the terms established by Law 11/2007, of 22 June, on Electronic Access of Citizens to Public Services.
The following terms and conditions of use are excluded:


VI. Obligation of users

The status of user will be assigned to any citizen who access the information or services placed within the domain, both if the information is used or not. In the use of he information and services offered within the above mentioned domain, the users have the following obligations:

In any case shall the information and services referred to in this document be used for the following aims:


VII. Access to services with login

The Universitat de València offers users, depending on their relationship with it, access to certain services which require identification and authentication.
In the use of these services, the user has the following information:

Access to those applications remains restricted without the corresponding authorisations.  The Universitat de València will only be responsible of the security measures related to the access of such services.


VIII. Intellectual and industrial property

The design, source code, logotype, brand and other distinctive signs which appear within the domain are property of the Universitat de València and are protected with the appropriate rights of intellectual and industrial property.
Total or partial reproduction of the contents within the document remains prohibited without authorisation.


IX. Data protection

Sites hosted in the domain contain personal data. Their use will depend on their category. Hence:

In any case, capture and storage of personal data published in the domain remains prohibited.

On the other hand, in navigation and use of the services located in the domain, privacy and cookie policies of the Universitat de València shall be taken into account; they can be referred to:


X. Applicable laws

Without prejudice to the present terms and conditions, users shall submit to the Spanish legislation. Any conflict or discrepancy arisen from the interpretation or application of these general conditions shall be subdued to Spanish courts and tribunals.
One the users become members of the university community, the shall take into account the fulfilment of the Rules of use for telematics and computer resources of the UV.


XI. Validity and changes

These terms and conditions are applicable since the date of their publication. The Universitat de València reserves its right to modify them without any requirements but the corresponding warning for page users within the domain.
In case any point or clause of these general conditions is considered to be totally or partially null or not applicable by any competent Court, Tribunal or Administrative body, such nullity shall not affect the other dispositions within the general conditions.